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Significant layoffs are coming toSt. LouisCounty due to budget cuts. More than two dozen employees in the park and public works departments are losing their jobs. And that's not all.

St. Vincent Park on St. Charles Rock Road has one of St. Louis County's three public pools. All three pools will now be shutting two weeks earlier this summer because of the cutbacks. But clearly the job losses are a big blow.

The layoffs are the culmination of a budget battle that started last year when County Executive Charlie Dooley threatened to close nearly two dozen county parks including Lone Elk Park and eliminate close to 175 jobs. Now the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that Dooley said Wednesday he is laying off 20 full time employees in the parks department and six in public works.

Along withy some other cuts in the parks department, the move reportedly trims $3.6 million out of the Parks Department budget and one full-time job in the revenue department. Twenty-five other funded positions that are now vacant also won't be filled.