Man Drives Semi Truck Into Edwardsville Building

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Local, state and federal officials were locked in a standoff with a man Saturday morning after he allegedly crashed a semi truck into the offices of Schneider-National trucking off of 255 and Poag Rd in Edwardsville, IL. The standoff ended around 1:30pm, when the suspect, identified as Roger Adams of Alton, IL, shot himself in the head. He is in critical condition at a St. Louis hospital.

Tom Gibbons, the Illinois State's attorney in Madison County, said fire broke out at 2:00am Saturday after Adams drove a semi into the building.  Adams was a driver for Schneider-National.

"At the time that the truck struck the building, there were two 911 calls made," Gibbons said.  "The first was made from an employee of the company who alerted the police that this had happened.  And then, there was the 911 call from the individual who is in the building."

It was determined through the 9-1-1 call that Adams he was armed. Gibbons said he is confident the suspect was the only one in the building once police arrived.  But police still called in a hostage negotiator.

"The individual contacted 911, after entering the building, and has been on the phone with 911 and with the hostage negotiator for the entirety of the time," Gibbons said.  "We're not aware of there being any hostages.  But, we did want to bring in a professional to make sure that we had the appropriate person to talk to this person."

An agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, also a  certified negotiator, was called to the scene and later assisted at the 9-1-1 Center. Police had hoped for a peaceful end to the standoff.

"But considering the things that this individual has already done: attempting to ram a fuel truck into a building, threats, other threats that have been made," Gibbons said.  "We're very concerned about his safety and obviously extraordinarily concerned about the safety of our first responders."

Police and firefighters from several surrounding counties responded.  Many employees were denied entry to other offices near Illinois Highway 255 and Gateway Commerce Center Drive.

Officials followed up on reports of a fire at Adams' Alton home. The reports turned out to be false.