Battle Over Parking Space At Town And County Park

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There is a battle over parking spaces at Longview Farm Park in Town and Country.

Longview Farm Park is a favorite spot for park goers. The 30 acre park sits in a quiet well kept Town and Country neighborhood along Clayton Road.

After a recent expansion of the Longview Farmhouse the city realized, more parking was needed and they decided to look into more options for more spaces. But not everyone agrees. Some believe the green space at the park is being taken over.

An online petition was started from those worried about the changes. Park goers say they just want to make sure the area is kept in good condition.

Town and Country city parks and rec Director Anne Nixon says they simply plan to reconfigure space that's already paved.

Right now Longview Farm Park has 65 spaces and could make space for another 15. The board of alderman will vote on a proposal to ask for $4,000 from the Municipal Park Grant Comission to go towards the project. It’s expected to cost just under $100,000 to complete. If the vote works out the project could start next spring.

A vote on the fate of the parking spaces is expected before the board of alderman at their next meeting set for Feb. 13th.