Boeing Dreamliner Makes First Stop in St. Louis

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Boeing's newest commercial jet makes a visit to St. Louis Monday and Tuesday. It's called the "Dreamliner" and  Boeing's new passenger plane could help make the dream of non-stop service from St. Louis to Europe a reality.

The 787 is Boeing's latest achievement in passenger planes and is already being used overseas. Although it is being built in Washington, the Dreamliner has many St. Louis connections.  The 787 touched down at Lambert Airport for the first time Monday afternoon.

Fifty St. Louis-based engineers helped design the plane. It can seat between 250 and 300 passengers. The 787 is made with a lot of new composite materials making it more fuel efficient than a lot of other planes.

The Dreamliner production was delayed by production problems, but it finally took flight in 2011.  The plane is built of lightweight composite materials, which make the plane more fuel efficient.

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