Dog Stolen From Marine In Wheelchair

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Perry Hicks goes by the nickname “Rock.”  It’s fitting for a man who spent 22 years in the Marine Corps.  But the last four years for hicks have been horribly Rocky.  In 2008 he was hit by a car and lost both his legs.  Then, last year, his wife passed away.  All this makes what happened Sunday night that much more disturbing.  Someone stole the only companion Rock has left.

“I have a dozen problems that are actually more devastating.  More important.  But this one is taking over my life now because I just have nowhere to go,” he told us.

His Chinese Pug, a dog he’s had for eight years is gone.  Stolen right in front of him as he sat in his wheelchair, unable to stop the thieves.  He had let Lucky out the front door to use the bathroom.  He was watching from his porch as the dog took care of his business.

“He has a habit of turning and looking at the traffic for a few minutes before he goes in. As he did that, I started to go inside, but as I did I heard brakes squeal.”

That’s when he looked back and saw a four door sedan, either black or dark blue, in front of the dog.  It had Missouri plates, but that’s all he saw.

“I saw the door open, and saw two arms, two brown arms come out of the car, pick Lucky up, and when the picked him up he yelped.  He hates cars. He hates going in them anywhere.  So he  yelped and they zoomed off.”

Why someone would steal an old Marine’s dog is unclear.  Hicks says he was told there have been other dogs stolen in the area, but he’s worried about his dog.

“Lucky’s been my constant companion,” he said.  “He eats with me. He sleeps with me.  He does everything but go to the bathroom with me, and when I go the bathroom he joins me.  (laughs) He’s been my lifeline.  He really has.  He’s kept me going.  And with him gone, I don’t know what I’m gonna do.”

All he can do right now is wait, hoping whoever took Lucky will get his message.

“Bring back my dog, no questions asked. Lucky is my lifeline.  He’s my best friend.”

Anyone with any information about Lucky can contact the Berkeley Police Department at (314) 524-3311.