Police Hope Double Murder Caught On Tape Solves Case

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East St. Louis police hope video will bring a set of killers to justice for a double murder. We want to warn you this surveillance video is graphic. But police believe there are important clues from it, the public needs to see.

Police are taking the rare step of making a video like this public, because investigators believe there are important clues from it, the public needs to see.

You only see the shooters,  not the victims;  but to think two men who are being killed, it's very tough to watch.

Police say anything, from the stature of the three gunmen and what they're wearing,  to the way they continue to keep shooting their guns, may be the clue that hopefully gets them caught.

"It appeared that these guys, these victims were targeted," said East St. Louis Police Chief, Michael Floore.  "Three gunmen came up from the east side of the building, ran up on the vehicle and opened fire on the car."

The car, a 2000, green Pontiac Grand Prix, was just off camera, at the Crown Food Mart at 83rd and State streets,  just after 12:30 Saturday morning.

A memorial of stuffed animals and liquor adorned a gas pump Tuesday night.  It was for the victims, Willie Singleton, the driver, 35, and his passenger Lavor Flakes, both of East St. Louis.

Police  said the two men were shot  total of 10 times;  with more than 30 shell casings  found at the scene;  a man in the back seat of the car was not hurt.

In the video, you see the gunman closest to the gas pump apparently clear his jammed weapon then keep shooting;  a clue police said suggested he was experienced shooter.

"Not to mention that they were shooting right toward the gas pump.  You know if one of those bullets would have hit that gas pump, it would have blown the whole place up," Floore said.

There was also the gunmen`s clothing.

"They all were wearing black attire, hoodie type jackets, gloves, jackets, probably," Floore said.

Another gunman was wearing a jacket, with some kind of large design on it;  a design someone ought to recognize.

"The reason for (releasing) the video is one of the shooters had a designer sweat top or jacket on.  We`re asking for the public, maybe they`ve seen this guy with this jacket on or family members may know he has this jacket," Floore said.  "We need help.  It`s not just the police."

The citizens gotta step up with us and help us resolve this issue, this violence. It`s time out for all of this killing. We need to move forward and make it a better place.  We need the citizens` help.'

The suspects' physical descriptions are not very detailed, but may be telling.  The one with the jacket is about 5'8", medium build; the one with the jammed gun is about  6' tall with a heavier build;  the third man is about 5'10" with a thinner build.

If you have any information, call Cimestoppers at 866-371-TIPS.  You may get at $1000 reward.  You do not have to leave your name.  You can also call East St. Louis Police at 618-482-6767 or Illinois State Police at 314-346-3627.

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