Warm Weather Gets People Outside in January

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Another unseasonably warm January day brought dozens of people out to exercise in Creve Coeur, Missouri.  Many started before dawn, thankful that the temps were well above freezing.
These ladies loved the relative heat wave Tuesday morning.  But, Debbie Schneider said she and her friend Janet Green they would have walked Creve Coeur Park no matter how cold. Well, almost.

"We were out here when it was like 26, or 27,' Schneider laughed.  'But, that's it.  That's our threshold.'
Another die-hard had his limits.

"It's better,' said William Towles.  'I don't mind the cold.  I just can't stand the ice and the wind."
'We did actually,' said Nancy Knight who would brave that ice, just not on a bike.  'We've been steady since the end of December walking and riding our bikes around the park."

Nancy Knight and Kim Gaines say they are sharing a New Year`s resolution to exercise more.  But, this weather makes compliance a lot easier.
'We were able to ride over the weekend,' Gaines said.  'We got the bikes out.  There are some people that still get their bikes out anyway, no matter what."

And while exercise buffs might love this weather, they might not love a possible early allergy season.
'Well, we'll be having a handful of Kleenexes with us to get through,' Knight said.

Until then, everyone here will happily struggle to understand this wacky weather.
"I mean, this is perfect,' Towles said.  ' This is what, January 31st? "

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