Fans Ready For MU/KU Rivalry Game This Weekend

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Fans are looking forward to one of the hottest college rivalries this weekend with the Mizzou KU basketball game in Columbia.  Tip-off is at 8pm Saturday and the game will be getting national coverage.

Both teams rank in the top ten... With Missouri just slightly higher than Kansas.  It's a rare experience for Mizzou basketball fans since Kansas has dominated the sport claiming five national championships.

"I think Mizzou's got a great shot to win it. They are 20 and two and they haven't lost at home so I think we'll probably beat them by quite a few points," said one fan Friday as he shopped for Mizzou gear at the Tiger Town shop at the Galleria Shopping Center.

The intense collegiate rivalry dates back to the early 1900s.  Disputes between the states of Kansas and Missouri can be traced to pre-civil war fighting.

With the University of Missouri switching its athletic participation to the South Eastern Conference next fall, the game in Columbia and one in Lawrence, KS at the end of February could be the last time the two schools face each other for some time.  KU's athletic department has indicated it does not want to continue the rivalry with Missouri's departure from the Big Twelve conference.

But many fans like the competition and want it to continue.  Steve Smith, a St. Louis architect who is a KU graduate, runs an architectural firm called The Lawrence Group.  He and fellow employees share a lively sense of competition when the two universities meet.  "Rivalries are fun it's great fun..every year this comes up.. once a year football, basketball twice a year it's a great rivalry," Smith said Friday at a company retreat.

Jayhawk fans will find a watch party at the Sports Zone sports bar at 113 Kenrick Plaza,
Shrewsbury, MO.  Mizzou fans will gather in many locations.  The Corner Bar and Grill at Big Bend and Dougherty Ferry in Valley Park and at 15,824 Fountain Plaza Driver in Chesterfield are the Alumni Chapter's game day locations.