Go Red Weekend Kicks Off With Free Health Screenings

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The Go Red weekend kicked off with free health screenings for women fighting heart disease and a terrifying statistic.

"In Missouri, about one woman every minute dies of either heart disease or stroke from cardiovascular diseases," said Tracy Brazelton, Executive Director of the local chapter of the American Heart Association.

But, the association added photographers, caterers, and the Ritz-Carlton in Clayton.  A free health screening looked more like concierge medicine.  Each woman wearing red had a heart story of survival or loss.  Brazelton had one of her own: two grandmothers killed by strokes.  Grandmothers who spent their lives caring for loved ones.

"All their lives," she smiled.  "They were such giving, wonderful women who didn't think about themselves but only about their families and how they could help improve the lives of others. I wish they could have taken more time to know how much they were appreciated."

Brazelton wanted to help pamper and empower these women.

"The risk factors can be changed. We can be in control, and we can do something about it starting today."

Every woman who came wearing red wanted to tell their heart stories to each other. But, every woman who sat at the tables getting screened wanted to tell her story of self-care.

"I think they are leading by example," Brazelton said proudly. "Love your heart."

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