Parents Share Heroin Horror Stories With St. Charles High School Students

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Students at St. Charles High School got a frightening but important lesson today about staying away from heroin.

At a school seminar, they heard from two families who have lost loved ones to heroin.
Pam and Terry Jones' 23 year old son Andrew died from a heroin overdose in May of 2010 at just 23 years old.

Marilyn Smashey's 18 year old son Taylor Green died after overdosing from heroin in December of 2009.

Marilyn along with Pam and Terry have shared their painful stories with several groups.
They say the heroin problem is so serious that they want to do all they can to keep kids away from the deadly drug.

"I want them to know that all it takes is one time to either become addicted or to die from heroin," said Marilyn.

Terry added, "It's almost like an epidemic or a flu. It`s got out of control. We've got to get it back to where we dry up the heroin coming into the city and we also dry up the users using it and educate the kids not to even try it once."

One St. Charles High School student we talked with thinks the seminar will make a difference.

"It helps us see what impact heroin or other drugs really have on other people—helps us realize we don't want that to happen to us. It's bad, it really is bad," explained junior Shayla Townsend.

Smashey added, "If what we`re doing can save one person or help one family, then we're making a difference."

The school resource officer for St. Charles High School says he knows of at least two former students who have died from heroin overdoses.

Both families say they plan to talk with more groups about heroin in the future.