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Police: Man Who Tried To Run Over Cop Has Done It Before

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Disturbing details have emerged about the man accused of trying to run down a Maryland Heights police officer Thursday night with a pickup truck.  The man charged in the attack, 20-year-old Dorwin Overall, was out on bond for essentially the same crime.

Police say Overall and a friend, 20-year-old Derrick Wilson, were turned away from the door at Dave and Busters in Maryland Heights by a uniformed police sergeant who was working extra duty there.

That officer, a sergeant, suspected they might be using drugs and tried to question them.  That’s when police say they started a fight with the officer. The two men ran for their truck.  The officer chased, trying to stop them, breaking out the back window and holding on as Overall allegedly hit the gas.  He essentially threw the officer off the truck by accelerating.

At some point two women who were with them demanded to get out, and Overall and Wilson switched places.  Wilson took the wheel for a lengthy car chase that ended with the two crashing into a fence at Emerson Electric in Ferguson.

Maryland Heights Police Chief Tom O’Connor calls Overall a danger, “This is an individual who didn’t care about law enforcement.  He certainly didn’t care about the public when he was screaming down that highway eastbound last night. He could have killed an untold number of individuals.”

Upon filing charges today, police say they learned Overall had been charged with a similar crime August 8, 2011.  Police say he was at the wheel of a car in Glasgow Village when police stopped him and tried to question him.  He allegedly backed into a driveway then floored it, heading straight for two county officers.  He was charged with assault on a law enforcement officer in that case and got out of jail on $15,000 bond  a week later.  He’s due in court again on that charge in March.

Sources tell FOX2 that Wilson was a passenger in the car during that incident as well.

Chief O’Connor calls the entire episode indicative of a larger problem.

“There is a criminal element that I consider to be almost sociopathic,” he says.  “They just don’t care.  Ruthless, unemotional shootings of individuals that jus t comes very quick and very casual.  It’s very frightening.  It’s a legitimate concern and all of us have to be concerned about this kind of activity.”

He speaks from 43 years experience as a cop when he says it is absolutely more likely for someone to attack an officer today than in years past.

Overall is jailed on $75,000 cash only bond.  Wilson is being held on $30,000 cash only bond.