Chesterfield City Council Approves Law Banning Residents From Shooting Certain Animals

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The city of Chesterfield approved an ordinance aimed at keeping residents safe from weapons but opponents feel the measure goes too far.

The council voted 6 to 2 on Monday night to outlaw anyone from firing weapons, including air darts and pellet guns, in an effort to keep squirrels, birds, rodents and other small animals from damaging.

The restriction applies in situations where another dwelling is within 150 yards.

The ordinance becomes law as soon as the mayor signs it which should take no more than a couple days.

Before the vote both sides expressed passionate views on the debate.

Supporters worried someone would get hurt unless the ordinance passed.

"Please pass this amendment before someone, maybe my 2-year-old grandson gets hurt," said a tearful Becky Stein.

Opponents pointed out that no one has been hurt.

"There are no specific crimes and no specific damages," said Gene Schuenberg.

Mark Perez brought stuffed squirrel up to the podium during his chance to speak. He said he killed the squirrel because they chew through wiring, damage homes and carry disease.

He told the council a law won`t make a difference.

"You can pass a law but people still do things that are totally stupid," said Perez.

In the end the council agreed with residents that expressed views similar to Aaron Goodman.

"I just want to feel safe in my yard."

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