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Making Copies To Help Fight Hunger

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Mike Roberts is putting his money where his mouth is, along with his eyes, ears and nose.

'If you do it a few times you can get a handle on the speed to roll your face or slide your face or whatever you want to do with your face, says Mike Roberts.

It was late one night when the creative team at Atomic Dust decided to make some copies of their kisser.

'In this Eureka moment he instantly stuck his face in and rolled it across making this creepy weird array image which we instantly scanned and put onto Facebook, says Atomic Dust Creative Director Mike Spakowski.

And thus, face off against hunger was hatched. For every St. Louisian that puts their silhouette on the Xerox 7126, Atomic Dust will donate five dollars to St. Louis Food Outreach.

'A scan into the soul,' says Spakowski' 'Our only rule is two feet on the ground.'

And with heart in hands and head on glass, men and women are meandering in to get their mug on the wall.

'We've had about 60 people come by and they just scan and that`s pretty much how it goes,' says Spakowski.

So far the only jam in this copy machine comes when there`s a profile and presentation jockeying for position.

'You have to time it right with the light and roll your face over and gives this kind of creepy elongated face kind of look,' says Spakowski.

Atomic Dust says they`ll display the faces in a few months with a 'rogues' gallery art show.

'No we don't really have a follow up yet,' says Spakowski.

'I have a suggestion,' adds Patrick Clark. 'Butt out hunger.'

While they aren`t taking any cheeky chances they are facing the fight against hunger head on...and plan to for the next few weeks.

'We haven't run out of toner yet,' says Roberts.

And they have extra on hand...after all, that`s using their noggin.

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