Cold Weather Causing Flat Tires

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The heaviest snow of winter is already long gone, but problems are still plaguing drivers. Mechanical issues and flat tires are stranding drivers and stalling traffic.

Your tires are sensitive to this cold weather, they loose one pound of pressure for each 10 degree temperature drop. It's a simple solution almost taken for granted, but could make a big difference.

We got an up close look at the daily operations of motorist assist. They routinely help stranded drivers and help traffic flow around accidents.

Today we quickly found a driver with a flat tire, one of the most common issues this time of year.

Motorist assist helped more than 3,700 drivers last month.

Their trucks are dispatched from the transportation management center where engineers monitor 300 real time cameras.

Dispatchers and drivers work together to keep cars moving on more than 200 lane miles in the metro area. They are a lifeline for all drivers.

Mechanics say keeping these tires properly inflated will keep you from having a blow out on the road.

You can also fill your tires with nitrogen to keep from losing air.