Local Business Printing “New” Pujols T-Shirts

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Some stores have slashed prices on Albert Pujols merchandise, others gave it away, and some are printing “new” Albert materials.

The announcement of Albert Pujols departure from the Cardinals is still fresh in the minds of fans. For businesses putting out merchandise with his name on it, the reviews are mixed.

Ralph Rockamann of ‘Sports Sprints’ says he’s making the most of the situation. He’s printing up new t-shirts that express how some fans feel about Pujols.

The Pujols letter t-shirts are about $11 each and they plan to print thousands depending on demand.

Across town, Clay Keeney at Johhny Macks sporting goods, Pujols merchandise has been on sale for months. Uncertainty about Pujols and his future with the Cardinals forced him to cut stock.

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