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Gateway Storm Fest 2012 begins at 9:30pm Thursday evening on FOX 2. We will  focus on thunderstorms and tornadoes in the area.


Thursday: Some sun but overall more and more clouds take control. Still mild though temps will fall a little during the afternoon. Winds: southwest to northwest 15-30 m.P.H. High: 62 degrees.

Thursday night: Lots of clouds and few spotty showers or sprinkles. Colder with winds: West 5-15 m.P.H. Low: 35 degrees

Friday: Partly sunny and it is a colder day. Back to average. Winds: northwest 5-15MPH. High: 45 degrees

Little change in the overall pattern. With a big low over the East and a big low over the northwest keeping us in a fast pace in the atmosphere all week long. That means some solid see-saw temps and though a series of fronts will cut by.

The deep cold continues to stay well to the north and limited moisture working up from the South. Still mild for Thursday…A little fall off in temperature during the afternoon…Back to average weather for Friday and Saturday…Then we start to climb again on Sunday. Some big storms over the nation this week…Just not for us…But there are some signs we could see an impressive storm come out of the southwest on Monday…Limited moisture to pick up…Looks like a fast mover…Lets think some rain on Monday and into Monday night…Maybe ending as some wet snowflakes…Very iffy right now…However…I still have a lot of interest with two watchers in the Wednesday to Sunday time frame of next week…Could this be the time frame we see the link between the cold and the moisture…Two systems and each has the potential for snow…This could get interesting…More later.

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