Skate Park Wants To Offer Free Admission

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From the outside it looks like a broken down old warehouse.  But inside its much more than that.

In 2007 the warehouse on Grand Ave was converted into the Mills Skate Park.  Ian Wheat a volunteers at the park says, "it's not pretty but it's home."

There were many that gave the park no long term chances of survival.  Bill Paolucci runs the park says, "people would tell me it was risky to do.  But I wanted to do something for area's kids here."

The park has survived and stayed open.  But now the park wants to pay off the mortgage early so they can stop charging admission.  The operators believe that the park is one of the few perks for kids in a tough blue collar town.  The Mill's is one of the opportunities that all the kids in the area should be able to experience.

They may fail to reach their goal of paying of the $130,000 mortgage.  But not trying would be even a bigger failure they say.

Here is a link to find out more about the Mills Skate Park

- By Wade Smith

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