Thieves Break Into Cars at Lambert Airport

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Police with St. Louis Lambert International Airport and Bridgeton, Missouri are still looking for four suspects in several car burglaries early Thursday morning. At 12:30 Thursday morning, surveillance cameras recorded a team of four males.

"Where they appeared to have smashed several windows in about 25 - 20 vehicles,” Lambert’s Jeff Lea.

The suspects did all that damage in just 30 minutes and all on the employee lot for American Airlines.  The suspects got away.  But, Bridgeton police found the van they used to get to Lambert airport.

"As far as the investigation,” Lea pointed out.  “Lambert Airport is processing that vehicle in partnership with the Bridgeton Police Department."

Inside some of the vehicles, there sat little cards are instructing victims to call Lambert Police.  By daybreak, some people still did not know their cars had been damaged.

“We're just making those connections today with those vehicle owners,” Lea said.  “And, that will be part of the investigation to determine exactly what happened to their vehicles and what items may have been stolen."

Traveler Lawrence Keel's car was not damaged while he was at work.  It was stolen.

"So yeah, it's horrible because I had just got it,” Keel remembered.  “Worked hard for it, and it was a brand-new car."

Sue Hanes says she also feels for the employees who were working inside the airport trying to make a living, but ending their shift with unexpected repair bills.

"Oh, I would be devastated.  It's terrible,” Hanes said.  “You go to work.  You trust where you working is going to be safe and secure.  And when you come out, it just terribly ruins your day."

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