Windy Weather Blowing Over St. Louis Trash Cans

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The gusty winds did a number on trash cans today. Lots of them were tipped over. And it was the job of people like Jack Springmeyer to pick them all up and clean up any mess left behind by Mother Nature.

For Jack-who drives a city trash truck-this was a busy day.

'Because of the wind there’s been a lot of carts laying over on the ground and so you just have to get out of the truck and you know pick up the paper that’s laying around the cart, put it back in the cart and then re-dump it,' explained jack.

'We’re seeing about every tenth cart is actually flipped over on its side and you know if the trash isn’t bagged in there it’s all over the neighborhood. If it’s in bags it’s something we can pick it back up, get it back in there and go. So it is a headache and it is a nuisance,' added City Streets Director Todd Waelterman.

It started way before the sun came up debris was blowing on roadways; lids were blowing off trash cans; the strong winds were shaking street signs.

Lynn Williams says the wind makes everything tough.

'It’s horrible. There’s trash blowing around,' said Williams.

It was so windy even a lawn angel named Angela was blowing around. But Angela, Lynn and everyone else can be grateful for people like Jack Springmeyer.

Jack gives us all a helping hand on a day like today.

'I’m doing the best I can to keep their trash picked up,' jack told us.

Springmeyer estimates he picked up around 500 blown over containers along his route today.

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