Community Helps Arnold Family Displaced By Fire

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The firetrucks at Rock Community Fire Protection District have a saying on them. “Whatever it takes,” a sign reads. It could be the slogan for a special friendship too.

“Sean is such an awesome person to work with. Everyone kind of came together and decided to do this for him,” said 19-year-old Lexi Quante. “Just seeing Sean’s face, he looked very hurt about it,” said Lacy Pickeral.

Lacy and Lexi work with a young man named Sean McDermott. The McDermott’s home in Arnold caught fire Sunday, February 19, and was destroyed. His mother and father had to be rescued from their roof by a neighbor. They lost everything they owned.
“I’m like, ‘I don’t have all the money in the world to donate but I wanted to do this,” said Lacy. “And I felt like it was a better thing because it’s just like, it felt like it was me helping out.” It’s all very familiar to Lacy“I remember waking up one night and my dad came in and woke us up and we had to get out the window, because our house was on fire,” she said, recalling a memory from when she was 5 years old. “It was very hard seeing our house burn up in flames and we lost everything. It was very hard.”

She helped friends from work organize a donation drive, at two Rock Community Fire Protection District fire houses. People dropped off everything from clothes to furniture to dishes. It can all be put to good use. The McDermotts lost everything. “I still couldn’t even imagine losing everything they lost,” said Lexi. “It’s great that they have each other, seem like a great family, they’re holding together pretty strong/”

Lacy was hopeful people keep giving.“I mean, whatever it takes to get whatever they need,” she said. “We’ll help out as much as we can.”

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