Pot Holes Popping Up All Over Missouri

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -It’s March and that means pothole season in St. Louis. Potholes are starting to pop up around the area causing headaches for drivers.

'I’ve seen a lot of bad potholes by my house on Gravois, big enough where every time you hit it you think your tires are going to fall off,' said Andy Schmidt of Affton.

Schmidt knows about pothole problems first hand. The car he’s currently driving is a rental because his car is in the shop after he says it was damaged by potholes.

'I had something wrong with one of my bearings from continually hitting the same pothole all the time so yeah I’m getting it fixed now and got a rental car,' explained Schmidt.

Kristin Heinz of Fenton added, 'I’ve seen potholes everywhere so it’s a big problem.'
MoDOT is out to help drivers like Heinz and Schmidt with a new pothole repair initiative.

MoDOT will repair any pothole on a state route or interstate within 24 hours of it being reported on a weekday in March.

'We know that they start happening this time of year and we’ve just kind of made that a priority for our crews. This month we’re going to hit it hard, hopefully get them all taken care of,' said MoDOT District Engineer Ed Hassinger.

MoDOT crews kicked off the program by repairing potholes at Mason and Highway 40.
Hassinger says a mild winter doesn’t necessarily mean fewer potholes.

'Really what makes potholes is moisture and temperature going up and down and we’ve got moisture today and the temperature is still going up and down and that’s what causes potholes,' said Hassinger.

MoDOT says it spent two million dollars last year in the St. Louis area repairing potholes. The agency expects to spend about the same this year.

For drivers like Schmidt, the repairs can’t come quick enough no matter what the cost.
Schmidt told us, 'Get it fixed as soon as possible. Get the problem solved.'

If you see a pothole, MoDOT wants you to call 1-888-ask MoDOT to report it so it can get fixed. Or you can log on to our website fox2now.com and we will link you to MoDOT's site where you can also give MoDOT information about potholes.

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