Dream Center Food Drop Helps Hundreds

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On  St. Louis city’s north side Wednesday morning, volunteers from the St. Louis Dream Center gave away thousands of boxes full of food and personal care items.  The church filled a need so great, lines formed before dawn for the giveaway that started at 10 a.m.

Dream Center Pastor Jeff Allensworth called the massive operation a food drop.  Ral-Corp sponsored 18-wheelers from Feed The Children.  The trucks were full of donated food and supplies.

“The three boxes combined are about anywhere from 30 to 40 pounds,” Allensworth explained each family`s haul.

Families registered to get the donations.  They were not called recipients.  They were called customers. Volunteers prided themselves on providing the best customer service they could.

"They need help carrying it away,” Allensworth said.  “So, you will see people with 2-wheelers.  And, a lot of our volunteers are helping people carry food back to their vehicles or back to their house."

Allensworth said the line started building at five in the morning.  He hoped to give these families more than just free groceries.

"In a lot of cases, it's not enough to just give people food.  You need to give them dignity at the same time."

Pastor Allensworth said that The Dream Center does these drops every other month, not just before Christmas and Easter."

"You know when people are passionate about things, you can't stop them,” he said.  “And so, people step up, and they donate, and they help with their time, and the resources and we just get it done."

The Dream Center offers a food pantry and showers to our area's homeless.  The church also has several volunteer opportunities, including disaster response and relief.

Website: Dream Center Serving Ministries

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