Early Signs Of Spring

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There is more and more colorful evidence that St. Louis is enjoying a mild winter.  A maple tree in Maplewood is already leafing out.  Across the street there’s a lot of color from cherry trees showing off their beautiful pink blossoms. Chip Tynan works with the Missouri Botanical Garden.  He confirmed plants are blossoming very early.

Tynan said, “We could be upwards of 4 weeks ahead of normal schedule.”

He said there could be a payoff to all the early blooming.

“We might have a longer than normal flowering period that could be maybe some daffodils might get an extra week of bloom out of all this.”

He warns a bone chilling blast of cold air cold cause some flowering plants to lose their color overnight.

Tynan said, “We’re skirting with disaster knowing what St. Louis cold throw at us weather-wise, there’s always that in the back of our minds to be concerned about. Enjoy it while it’s here.”

The folks at Eckert’s Belleville Farm had a wonderful peach crop last summer.  Those trees are about ten days ahead of schedule this year.  A deep freeze of 15 degrees or colder could harm some of this year’s crop.