House Dems Propose New Rules For Hall Of Famous Missourians

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Missouri house democrats have submitted a proposal to amend the rules to be admitted to the Hall of Famous Missourians.  They say that they want to add this amendment to preserve the integrity of the institution.

They want to add rules stating that to be admitted a person must get an affirmative vote from at least three of the following officials, the house speaker, senate president pro tempore, the house minority leader, or the senate minority leader.

This news comes after radio host Rush Limbaugh was nominated for the Hall the same week he was embroiled in a controversy.

Rep. Steve Tilley, (R)Perryville, wants to induct Limbaugh into the Capitol’s Hall of Famous Missourians.  As speaker, he alone decides who goes in.

The move comes just days after Limbaugh tore into Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke’s testimony before congress about insurance covering birth control.  On his radio show Friday, Limbaugh said she wanted to be “paid to have sex” by the government.

Full story:

Read The Full Amendment here:  3-15 Hall of Fame Amendment

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