Body Shops Busy After Hail Storm

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Hail stones don't stay frozen very long, so people in their path reached for their cameras quickly last night and began sending us some great pictures of what they found on their lawns and porches.

Most of the biggest hail stones reported to us have come from St. Charles County, especially Lake St. Louis, O'Fallon, and Wentzville.

Some were as small as peas, others golf ball sized and even a little bigger.

That means the folks at Dent Devil in Ballwin have been answering calls from people who are not sure what to do about their dings.

One of the biggest mistakes people make, according to the owner of the shop, is paying for the repairs themselves for fear that filing a claim will make their insurance go up.

"The assumption is that they are going to have a mark against their policy and piossibly even getting their insurance cancelled. I've been doing this a long time and never seen that happen or heard of it ever happening," said Terry McDonald, owner of Dent Devil.

If you have questions, check with your agent first.

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