Contact 2: MoneyCO USA Sued Again

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(KTVI)-- Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is suing national tax preparer "Mo' Money" also known as "MoneyCO U.S.A."

The suit alleges the Memphis-based company charged taxpayers hidden fees for services. There are allegations preparers filed inaccurate returns without taxpayers' authorization.

Attorney General Madigan says more than 100 complaints came from taxpayers in the East St. Louis and Chicago area.  She tells Fox 2 she's never seen anything like this.

"Our goal is to make sure the individuals who own those outlets are never allowed to operate in the state of Illinois. In addition our lawsuits seeks to recoup the eight hundred thousand dollars in undisclosed fees that taxpayers had to pay to MO Money for preparing their taxes"

Attorney General Madigan says whether you received your refund check or not, you should contact the IRS. Given the errors with returns, you may be subject to audit. It’s the only way to insure your tax obligation is filed properly. Missouri Attorney General Kris Koster filed suit against the company last week.