Gas War Erupts In North St. Louis

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On the north side of St. Louis, Missouri two gas stations had the cheapest fuel in town Friday.  That may be due to a price war.  If so, customers were happy to be caught in the middle.

At one North City gas station, prices were 10 cents below the St. Louis Average.  The one just across Grand Boulevard and Interstate-70, had gas at almost a quarter below average.  This was Friday morning.  But, Denise Bieser said something was up a week ago.

"Last week when this other gas station opened, this gas station was a lot cheaper for like 2 days,' Beiser explained.  'And then all of the sudden then, they were the same price."

Each station is an independent Phillips 66 franchise.

"You know, Phillips 66, Phillips 66.  I don't understand how they can have two different prices,' Bieser wondered.  'But, it's good for us."

Managers of both stations refused to go on camera.  But, the manager on the west side of Grand said owners of the week-old Energy Express are trying to take over.  To the east, Energy Express managers disagreed.

"You see that a lot,' Bieser said.  'They build them side-by-side.  And then, the smaller one does go out of business."

Bieser was just happy to find the much cheaper gas.  She was from Illinois.

"Gas over there is outrageous,' she said.  'We are talking 30 cents, 40 cents higher over there."

Our crew was at the stations for just 10 minutes before the prices at gas station on the west side of Grand went up 9 cents.  On the east side, they went up 24 cents.

"I'll go wherever it's cheapest.' Bieser said.  'Unfortunately, you do what you have to do to save money."

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