Occupy Midwest Protesters Rally Against Monsanto And Peabody Energy

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Occupy protesters say St. Louis police overreacted when they held a demonstration Thursday night and that a couple of protesters came away bloodied.  About 150 Occupy Midwest protesters set up camp at the Compton Heights Reservoir Park in South St. Louis Thursday night.  Police told them they were to comply with a 10pm curfew.

At 10:30pm, dozens of police officers moved in, here’s You Tube video taken of the incident by one of the protesters.

Police arrested 15 protesters for peace disturbance, refusing to obey a police officer and resisting arrest.  There was one arrest for assault on a police officer and unlawful use of a weapon.  Two protesters had blood on their faces, but it is not known how they suffered those injuries.

Occupiers say they were in the process of leaving the park when police moved in and began arresting them.

The group’s activities continued Friday with protests against two big local companies.
The occupy protesters moved to near Tower Grove Park where they marched in the street protesting the Monsanto company.  They were protesting what they said was untested genetically engineered crops by Monsanto.  Monsanto issued a statement saying, “The company is involved in producing seed and technologies for farmers to help improve farm productivity and food quality”.

The Occupy Midwest protesters were scheduled to protest against Peabody Energy at Kiener Plaza downtown Friday evening.