St. Louis Preps For St. Patrick’s Day

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Preparations are underway for St. Patricks Day parades across St. Louis. They’re gearing up for the hundreds of thousands of partygoers who plan to stop by.

There are two big parades planned one in downtown St. Louis and the other in Dogtown.  There are lots of no parking signs posted up and they will be enforced. Organizers say they altered the start times for the parades to accommodate those who want to attend both the downtown and Dogtown events. Businesses are also making space for the big crowds.

Organizers say it’s best to arrive early and plan your transportation routes as needed. Alcohol sales on the street in Dogtown stop 6 p.m. and sales inside of restaurants will end at 8 again the downtown parade starts at 11:30 and the Dogtown parade starts at noon.


A lot of people just think of wearing green, and taking in a parade on St. Patrick's Day. But, Micheolb Ultra is sponsoring the 34rd annual St. Patrick's day run that will kick off the weekend.  Runners will go five miles before the parade starts.

The parade committee expects thousands to line the streets. There will be 120 different floats in the parade.  Bands, a large helium-filled leprechaun, and the Marines will be featured. The color guard from the 3rd battalion, 24th marine regiment will lead the parade.