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Alton Getting New Recycling Trash Cans

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New trash cans are making a big splash in Alton, Illinois.  About 1,200 new trash cans are being distributed in Alton every day until March 30th.

So it's out with the old cans and in with new ones because Alton is getting real with recycling.

Alton Mayor Tom Hoechst is trying to clean up his town; one trash can at a time.

Over the next few weeks about 23,000 of these big blue trash and recycle cans will be delivered to Altonians.

A bigger is better, what with unruly raccoons.  Allied waste is switching to automated collection.  That means no more two man trucks.

Most people recycle 18 to 25% of their waste.  Alton residents only eight percent.  But with the new automated system; according to allied, 75 percent of household waste is recyclable.

Currently, Alton residents pay about $16.88 a month for trash and recycling.  The city of Alton just signed a nine year contract extension with allied waste.

Because of that, the monthly bill will now be $15.25 a month.

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