Car Attack and Gunfire From Domestic Fight Lead to Ferguson Power Outage

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Squealing tires, flaming power lines, and gunfire rocked a Ferguson neighborhood Sunday night after an enraged woman argued with two women, then seemingly went over the edge.

The first victim in the incident asked not to be identified.  She says the suspect dates her sister's ex-boyfriend. The victim says the other woman had "disrespected" her mother and the two "had words" earlier that evening. She thought the conversation was the end of it, but it proved to be just the beginning.

"I walked out the house, come out in the yard.  She’s parked across the street and she just all of a sudden turned in the yard and hit me," she said.  Asked what she was thinking as the care approached, she replied, "This chick is crazy!"

As this was going, she says the suspect's boyfriend tried to walk away from the situation, heading up the street.  But the woman began chasing her with her car.

Police say she tried to run the boyfriend down, too.  He took cover behind a power pole, and the woman slammed her car into it.  She took down the pole, a transformer, and what looked like a spaghetti bowl full of power lines. Power was knocked out to more than 400 people in the area.  Tommy Holman watched from down the street.

"I didn’t know what was going on," he said.  "All I heard was rubber peeling, and then the pole hitting, then the sparks going on about a block long.  I thought it was the Fourth of July or something.  I was like, ‘wow, what happened?’"

Among the noises he heard: gunshots.  Police say the woman got out of her car and began shooting at her boyfriend after she failed to hit him with the car.  She missed, then started walking down the street toward Holman, who had no idea she had a gun. He thought she might have been hurt in the crash and asked if she needed anything.

"Next thing you know we was trying to help her and she started shooting and we had to duck behind the cars and things."

Again the woman had failed to hit anyone.  Holman was among a number of people who called police.

Cops say the woman was tracked down about a quarter mile from where everything happened on Dade Avenue.  She was taken to the hospital to be checked out for injuries suffered in the crash before being booked by police.

The woman she hit with her car, who had also been to the hospital, says the suspect needs to be in jail.

"This is your brain.  This is your brain on crack apparently," she said at least partly in jest, "because no one in their right mind does this!"

The power was back on in most homes by 8am after a ten hour blackout overnight.

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