You Paid For It: Update On Illinois Pensions

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(KTVI)–A dramatic development in a You Paid For It we first told you about in February.
The Illinois House of Representatives has voted to end a General Assembly Scholarship Program
This deal allowed the 177 State Representatives and Senators to give out two free scholarships a year to any Illinois State College or University to the person of their choice.
As I pointed out in my report they could give out this money regardless or merit or need.
In my interview with the Illinois Department of Education their spokesman said the Department was against this Legislative Perk beause it didn’t haven’t any safeguards to prevent abuse..There have been past reports of Lawmakers giving scholarships to kids of campaign supporters, friends and relatives.
The House vote to end this deal was overwhelming. Sponsors say they have the votes in the Senate to pass the measure ending this deal. So one of the many perks for politicians may be on the way out..I’ll keep viewers posted.!
Elliott Davis