Hundreds Buy Lottery Tickets Online In Illinois

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(KTVI)– The Mega Millions jackpot for Tuesday night could approach what would be a record $400 million dollars.  As of Monday evening the jackpot was at $363 million.

‘Normally I buy $10 dollars a week but when it gets up to $300 million I buy $25 to $30 worth,’ said one Illinois player.

The Powerball jackpot was the one that was supposed to jump into huge jackpots after lottery officials decided to raise the price of a ticket from $1 to $2.

Missouri has more traditional Powerball players while the Mega Millions has a longer history in Illinois.

Both states have turned to the lottery a a way to solve financial problems.

Just this week Illinois stated allowing residents to purchases lottery tickets online.

Missouri hoped to provide greater help to veterans by directing more lottery money to certain programs.

Illinois allows video poker in bars and restaurants but Missouri does not.

There were mixed feeling about online ticket sales in Illinois.  Some players liked the convenience but others had a different take.

‘I think it`s going to be bad thing because it`s going to make gamblers gamble even more,’ said one lottery player.

Lottery officials warned players to avoid spending more than they could afford.  The triple digit jackpot is expected to create long lines at some stores on Tuesday.

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