Police Investigate Bicycle Attack In South St. Louis

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At around 2:45am Wednesday morning 37-year old Pete Kruchowski was leaving a DJ competition alone in the tower grove area.  Kruchowski was riding his bike along the 3800 block of arsenal in the tower grove south neighborhood. Family members say he became the victim of what may be an unprovoked attack.

"A gentleman found him they didn't know the extent of the injuries he was in the ICU for 24 hours he's in a regular bed now." said Stephanie Kruchowski.

Stephanie says all they know is Pete was laid out for 2 hours until a stranger found her brother in the middle of the street and called 9-1-1. Now Pete who's an avid music fan and artist has no memory of what happened is recovering from life threatening injuries. His bike and wallet were left intact.

"he's got a punctured lung broken ribs broken collar bone fracture on each side of his skull lots of bruises and scrapes pretty broken up." said Kruchowski.

Friends, family members and businesses in the tower Grove South Neighborhood are raising money to help with medical expenses. Concerned citizens are also planning to hold a community forum on how to improve security. So far there are no witnesses in the case the family is hoping to get answers to the mystery of what happened and hopes a witness will come forward.