Dave Murray’s Latest Weather Forecast

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The latest forecast from FOX 2 Chief Meteorologist Dave Murray.


Mostly cloudy…cooler and humid with scattered rain and thunderstorms
Winds: east 10-15 m.P.H.
High: 72 degrees

Wednesday night:

Lots of clouds with scattered showers and some storms…cool
Winds: northeast 5-15 m.P.H.
Low: 50 degrees


Mostly cloudy and cool with a few rain showers
Winds: north 5-15 m.P.H.
High: 62 degrees

A look back on March:

*** The warmest March on record…out doing 1910 and 1946.
*** The average march 2012 temperature(this is highs and low’s…61.1 degrees…the average march temperature is 46.3 degrees…those are amazing numbers.
*** 5 record high temperatures set.
*** The hottest day 86 degrees…we did not hit 90 in march of 2012.
*** 12 days of 80 plus degrees…breaking the old record of 8 days in march of 1910.
*** The core of the heat was after march 12th…the first several days of the month were cool to cold.

Wednesday…its all about our two players…a cool front drags in and at the same time a cut-off low pressure develops to our west in the plains…known for their painfully slow motion. Periods of rain and some storms Wednesday into Thursday…think a 50-50 pattern of dry times and wet times…tough to time.’

Rainfall patterns with cut-off lows can be all over the place…Tuesday in Wellsville in Missouri…an inch of rain in less than an hour…be ready for stuff like that.
Friday looks quiet…maybe…just maybe some scattered storms on Saturday night…Easter Sunday is looking quiet….In the 60’s…next week looking a little cool.

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