5-Month-Old Baby Found Dead In Villa Ridge

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Villa Ridge, MO (KTVI) - The death of a baby boy in Franklin County is under investigation.  People who live in the Sleepy Hollow Mobile Home Park heard cries of agony around 8:30 Tuesday morning.  Melinda White said, 'Just screaming there were no words, no nothing she was just screaming.'

The parents of 5-month-old Mike Kibbins awoke and found he was not breathing.  The child's mother says that the father fell asleep on the love seat with the child in his arms.  The mother woke up and found that her child was not breathing.

They called for help but it was too late, the baby was pronounced dead at the hospital.  The sheriff said then the family barred lawmen from entering the home.  Sheriff Gary Toelke said, 'We had information about possible drug activity at that residence and we obtained a search warrant.'  Toekle said, 'It`s a tough situation all around it, the parents have lost a child you try to respect that it`s a rough situation to be in.'

Authorities said they have been to the home in the past, at least one time for a domestic dispute.  Family members said the baby`s parents did their best.  Barbara Tyson a cousin said, 'They`re good parents they`re very good people.'

Sheriff Toelke said,  'You can`t really say when or if charges will be issued.'

The case remains open as detective wait for autopsy results and possible lab results from anything they may have found in the home.

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