Cardinals Keepsakes Salvaged from Burned Office

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MAPLEWOOD, MO (KTVI)-- Just days before demolition crews move in to tear down a Maplewood office building, crews were able to salvage prized sports memorabilia owned by  Dr. Wayne Fisher. Fisher, a dentist who had occupied the historic building at Flora and Sutton, had hundreds of collectibles he had gathered for more than twenty years, but most were lost when his rented office space burned in January.

Most of the salvaged items were seriously damaged. A charged Bob Gibson jersey was found in the ashes and an Albert Pujols signed baseball was nearly perfect even though the box it was kept in was badly burned.

Dr. Fisher estimates only a fifth of his collection was saved and most of the items saved are damaged. One of his toughest losses was a one of a kind Stan Musial piece. It the official scorecard from Stan the Man's last game and it was autographed by the entire team.

A St. Louis demolition company was hired by the building's owner, a Florida woman, to tear it down after the fire, but Dr. Fisher had asked if they could find his patients records in the rubble to save his practice. The demo crew from "The Wrecking Company" was able to find his logs and some more of his collectibles.

Dr. Fisher is currently seeing patients for emergencies in anther office, but wants to keep practicing dentistry. He's currently shopping for new office space. As for his sports collection, he's shopping for new items too, but he admits he's not as enthusiastic as he once was.

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