Navy F-18 Crashes Into Apartment Complex In Virginia Beach

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VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA (CNN) - A likely training exercise went terribly wrong over the skies of Virginia today.
At least six people, including two pilots and a police offer, are injured after a fighter jet crashed into an apartment complex.
Rene Marsh reports.

Several apartment buildings in Virginia Beach, Virginia were left smoldering after an f/a-18 fighter jet crashed.

It shook the ground when it hit. Initially everyone was running to the scene and it was a couple large explosions and then within seconds everyone was fleeing from the scene.

The navy says the two-person crew ejected before impact. Resident Pat Kavanaugh found one of the crewmen near his apartment.

He was in shock. Still strapped to his seat. We just picked him up and we dragged him to the other side of the parking lot away from the fire until rescue could get on the scene

The plane was from a training squadron at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach. A witness noted it was flying low, and appeared to be releasing fuel. It crashed in an area of apartments and homes about half a mile from the waterfront.
Crews battled the fire as rescuers searched for survivors.

Our city crews, EMS, fire and police, have done a superb job, let me also say the people are the citizens of that neighborhood have stepped up and helped tremendously too.  All we can do is pray that once we get into these buildings our situation will be minimal as far as injuries or deaths.

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