Cardinals To Receive World Series Rings On Opening Day

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- It’s a big week for the Cardinals.  Friday is the home opener and Saturday the players receive their World Series Championship rings.  Team president Bill DeWitt III helped design them.  DeWitt said, “The pure design part of it is as much fun as I could have.”

The team won’t unveil the look of the white gold rings until Saturday morning but DeWitt said they each have 103 diamonds and 50 custom cut rubies.  The rings list all the years the Red Birds have won a World Series.  There are oak leaves, a tribute to the 2011 World Series logo. The phrase “Happy Flight” is inside each ring.  The bird on the bat logo is on the ring’s face. Plus, there’s a salute to the rally squirrel. DeWitt said, “Jumping over home plate just like he did last fall is the rally squirrel so he’s made it on to the ring it’s a little bit small and you got to find it”

Fans will be able to purchase World Series Championship Ring jewelry.  The items cost from $110 to $5,700.

Meanwhile, there are new changes all around Busch Stadium.  A new material is being used on the infield.  Players may like it better and downpours should drain faster.  Joe Abernathy, the V.P. of stadium operations said, “About half the teams have converted to this mix of clay, sand and silt that makes the field a little more playable it handles rain better and a little more consistent.”

Outside Busch they are adding even more ticket kiosks.  Instead of just a few, soon there will be more than 20.  Officials hope the kiosks cut down on fans waiting in long lines.

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