Farmers Continue Efforts To Protect Crops From Frost

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(KTVI)-- As our latest cold snap continues, so are efforts by local farmers to keep their crops safe from the elements. Dave Theis with Thies Farms is making sure his strawberries are treated with care, because freezing temperatures can destroy his crop. They're growing 2 weeks ahead of schedule says Thies who is keeping a close eye on the weather.

"We were expecting that we would have a cold shot so last night was very close to doing damage but from what we see we didn't sustain any damage."

"We did not want to really cover the strawberries because it is a they are very tender at a very tender stage right now. Anytime you put something on top of them and have the wind blowing you can have some abrasion problems." said Dave Thies of Thies Farms.

Thiese also says his blackberries and peaches seem to be doing just fine. His strawberry blossoms have minor damage from tarp coverage. Workers plan to remove the tarps by the end of the week.