The Secrets Out On Where The Simpsons Live

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(CNN) - One of the best kept TV secrets has finally been revealed. "The Simpsons" creator Matt Groening has come clean that Springfield, Oregon was the inspiration for the animated hometown of Homer and his dysfunctional family.

Now that the secret is out, for Oregon residents the signs are obvious.

It's now confirmed that Springfield, Oregon is home for homer and his family. And the clues are all around us, starting at Max’s tavern, that's where the owner says creator Matt Groening spent long hours doodling at the bar.

"During the years he was going to school and getting started as a cartoonist."

Once the Simpsons hit the air in 1989, residents in both Eugene and Springfield began to see similarities.

"This is one of -we think-the primary places he patterned what became Moe's after."

Right down to the jar of pickled eggs.

"In the Simpsons at Moe's there's always a jar of pickled eggs behind the bar, which is odd because that's just one our little goofy things we do."

Other similarities, the horse and rider statue on the outskirts of town. The pioneer statue at the u of o looks a lot like Jebidiah Springfield's. And then there's Principal Skinner, perhaps named after Eugene's famous butte. Springfield Mayor Christine Lundberg says she's hoping to cash-in on the connections.

"They can't come expecting to find a nuclear power plant, or that they're going to get attacked by aliens, or that they're going to find a different mayor because I don't look like Mayor Quimbe, and I’m not corrupt so they'll have to look somewhere else for that."
"It's kind of wonderful folklore, it's fun to be associated with the Simpsons."

Matt Groening is from Oregon.

Several years ago, all 16 U-S cities named Springfield received a Simpson's couch.
The one is Oregon is on display at the Springfield museum.