The Jaco Report: April 15, 2012

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On the Jaco Report, Charles talks to the National Rifle Association’s President, David Keene.

The National Rifle Association is one of the most powerful organizations in American society.  With a 220 million dollar annual budget, the NRA controls much of the agenda in Washington, D.C., no matter which party is in power.

In the last two years the NRA has helped repeal a decades-old ban on firearms in National Parks. They helped defeat legislation that would have forbidden gun purchases by anyone on the terrorist watch list. In Missouri, they're supporting legislation to allow weapons on mass transit systems. The NRA is considered Washington's bulletproof lobbying group.

The NRA has four million members and up to 75-thousand of them have been in St. Louis this week for the NRA's annual convention.

Eighty percent of the NRA’s campaign donations go to Republicans, and the remaining Republican candidates made a pilgrimage here this week to speak at the convention.

Also, on the Jaco Report, Missouri's budget.  Missouri's low tax, small government model is supposed to be business friendly.  So why is the economy here stagnant?  Is it because of shrinking investments in education and infrastructure?  Are Missouri's taxes too low?  We take a look.