New Plan For Missouri Small Nuclear Reactor Factory

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KANSAS CITY, MO (KTVI) - Gov. Jay Nixon and executives from Westinghouse and Ameren announce Thursday in Kansas City a new initiative to build small modular nuclear reactors (SMR) in Missouri. Ameren and Westinghouse selected Missouri for this project because of “strong support from key state and federal policymakers”.  The plant will build small compact nuclear reactors for energy production.

Traditional nuclear plants are very large and expensive to build.  Modular nuclear units are much smaller and can be manufactured in a factory and shipped by rail.  They are modular units, meaning, they can be hooked together to produce more power.

On May 21st Westinghouse will apply for investment funds from the US Department of Energy to build the SMRs.  They will build a reactor at Ameren Missouri’s Callaway site if they recieve federal funds.  Federal officials have indicated they will announce the investments within 60 days after the application deadline.

No Missouri state legislative action or statutory change is needed to move forward.

Representatives from Ameren and Westinghouse have said that Missouri was selected for this project based on “strong support from key state and federal policymakers”—including McCaskill—and an “unprecedented alliance of electric energy providers.”

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