Measles Making A Comeback

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(KTVI) - Measles. Did you have them as a kid? Chances are you didn't. U.S. children have been getting vaccinated against the disease for about 50 years. So why is it making a comeback in the U.S.?  The CDC says Measles in the U.S. last year hit a 15 year high.

Pediatrician Dr. Matt Hosler with Mercy Clinic and Mercy Children's Hospital talks about the sudden spike and what parents need to do to keep their kids from getting them.

Measles Info/Symptoms:
Measles is highly contagious. The virus spreads easily through the air, and in closed rooms, infected droplets can linger for up to two hours after the sick person leaves. causes a fever, runny nose, cough and a rash all over the body. In rare cases, measles can be deadly