Students In Van’s Art Contest For $55,000

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Some Parkway South students have cobbled together a creative collection of kicks.

'Really the big idea is the Saint Louis themed coloring book,' says Senior Jake Hunn. 'Essentially really it seems that everyone can relate to from little kids to adults it's something we've all done.'

Now, these four sets of sneakers are in the running for the grand prize in the Vans Shoe creation competition.
One thousand schools across the country were sent four pairs of footwear.
This group is the only from Missouri to make the cut.

'It's really important for the kids to be able to brainstorm and respect each other and work on something together to get that final product,' says art teacher Carrie Finnestead. 'I think it's really thrilling for them to see how that works out.'

'The four themes that students had to work with were art, music, local flavor and action sports,' says Patrick Clark. 'There can be no copyright infringement so for instance, the action sports could have no Cardinals team logos. It had to be completely original.'

But moving from the canvas to well, the canvas isn`t as easy as it sounds.

'There's a lot of weird curves when it comes to painting shoes that`s different than a normal stretched canvas,' says Senior Madeline Finn.

'It's a hard surface to work on because I'm use to working on canvas but just meeting the shape of the shoe and having to accommodate for that is kind of difficult,' says Hunn

Now, their sole mission is to get as many internet votes as possible before May 3rd.

'Yeah, one vote per IP address and like just tell as many people as possible, your friends and family,' says Finn.

'I've been Facebooking everyday, harassing my friends, making flyers,' says Hunn. 'So it's basically what you'd expect a teenager to do to market something.'

The group doesn`t want the agony of 'de feet' especially when it comes the prize for winning.

'So $55,000 dollars for the art department is huge, huge, huge,' says Finnestead. 'Art supplies are really expensive.'

If the shoe fits and the group wins, would they like to see their creations put into production?

'Maybe not with all these pencils in it cause that would not be so pleasant,' says Hunn. 'But yeah, that'd be cool, if this shoe were just a flat shoe I'd totally wear it.'

Plus they`d have the bragging rights, to boot.
Patrick Clark, news 11.

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