Summer Temps In May

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- It's only the beginning of May but it's already feeling like the dead of summer with temperatures rising.

Folks in the Rockwood School District like to be proactive when it comes to weather.  Mike Seppi with the district said, "It is May and you don`t know what to expect."

Tuesday they held the annual middle school track meet.  Educators did everything they could to make sure the 400 student athletes from six schools were safe from the heat.

But the weather did not seem to matter to 8th graders like Nathan Brooks, "If it`s cold or hot I`m going to try my best, it really doesn`t affect me."

Student Matt Welby added, "I think the school`s really prepared. They were saying stay hydrated all the time."

Welby said he got a little sick after his race but seemed to bounce back quickly.  The district put up tents for shade and they had a water station which offered a lot of relief.  A letter was sent home to parents reminding them to make sure their child had a water bottle.

Seppi said, "We have several things in place today as the weather heats up. Our P.E. teachers are obviously trained to deal and notify and identify any student who may have any issue with the heat as well as we have some professional trainers on site who are trained to deal with the heat."

A few miles away campers at Babler State Park didn't let a hot day stop them from enjoying nature.

Mary Ann Reid said, "We would do this no matter what the temperature is, storms that`s another story."  Her friend, Bruce Koepke added, "We`ve been out here in 99 degrees that`s about as hot as you want it."