You Paid For It: IL General Assembly Scholarship Program

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(KTVI)-It is the latest in our investigation to end the Illinois General Assembly scholarship program. It's almost on its way out.  We've been telling you about this wasteful deal that allows each of Illinois 177 Senators and Representatives to give two free scholarships a year to the people of their choice. In 2011, it cost Illinois state colleges $13 million in lost tuition.

The measure has passed the House of Representatives and this week passed a special Senate committee headed by Senate President John Cullerton who now says he'll support ending it.

When You Paid For it first went to the Senate President Cullerton's office about this deal he wouldn't talk to me. His spokeswoman said the Senator wanted to keep this perk for legislators. You Paid For It had you call Cullerton's office.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn turned up the heat on the Senate leadership as did people like Representative Fred Crespo, who introduced the house bill to end this deal. That's the bill that's will soon go to the Senate. If it passes there it will go to the Governor's desk and Governor Quinn has vowed to sign the bill ending the perk.

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