Bomb Threat Cleared At Scott Air Force Base

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SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, IL (KTVI)-- The 375th Medical Group's Clinic building and several other buildings on Scott Air Force base had to be evacuated because of a bomb threat.   The threat has been now been cleared.  According to the station's twitter account, "The situation is terminated with negative findings. Everyone is cleared to go back into the area."

Authorities said around 1 p.m. Friday a woman entered the Medical Center and made verbal threats to people there. She was upset and told officials there she placed a bomb in the building.

She left and made her way to the Wing Command Headquarters at another location on base.

Authorities said she was apprehended and detained by police. She did not have a weapon and only made threats.

Authorities said due to the bomb threat, the medical center has been evacuated and the area has been cordoned. They are now searching to make sure there is not a device.

The main gates into the base are still open, with the exception of the gate at the elementary school on base which is closed. The base was on lock-down immediately after the incident, but is now open to normal traffic. However, school buses on base are being routed around the area evacuated, as is other traffic.

Authorities are not sure if the woman is active duty, or the spouse of an active duty member. They did say she was not in "uniform" when she made the threat.

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