Naked Unicyclist Arrested In Texas

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TEXAS (CNN) - It was an unusual call for officers in Texas.  They arrived to find a man riding a unicycle – naked.

Police say he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  "He is naked as a jaybird, riding his unicycle over the bridge." Kemah, Texas Police Chief Greg Rikard explains, "We stop him, he gets off the bike, and take him into custody, no problems. He said he liked the way it felt. Really don't know what he meant by that, but that's what he said."

The man is charged with indecent exposure.

In Florida, a high school teacher's job is in jeopardy after pictures of her students wearing a plastic dog cone, surfaced on Facebook.

The science teacher says she used the cone as punishment when students were late for class.  At least one student says it was fun, and not meant to embarrass anyone.

The teacher says it was all meant as a joke, but the school is not laughing and fired the teacher.

She's appealing.

Finally, video out of China shows a huge sandstorm blew through a northwestern region this week.

The sand turned the sky yellow and made it difficult for anyone outside to breath. Visibility was reduced.

According to local forecasters, the storm lasted more than 24 hours.

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