Senior Prank Stops Traffic In St. Charles

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) - A senior prank in St. Charles County brought rush hour traffic to a halt this morning.  About 50 students from Francis Howell High School gathered a few miles away from the school grounds at a commuter parking lot. They road bicycles, skateboards and scooters to school down Highway 94 to school.

Rush hour traffic came to a stop. Senior Cooper Cathcart said, 'We wanted to cause the teachers to be late and student to be late we thought that would be funny.'

It was not funny to motorists trying to get to work on time.  Some people commented on the Fox 2 Facebook page.  One person said, 'in short people need to chill out appreciate good kids having fun no vandalism no harm'  But another disagreed, 'stupid, dangerous prank.'

Seniors insisted they researched the law to make sure they were legally okay.  Senior Joe Monica said, 'Something harmless we couldn`t get too much in trouble for it was not that big of a deal.'

State troopers said no laws were broken but the stunt was dangerous.  Kids could have been hit by a car.  Sgt. Al Nothum said, 'It`s just not a safe idea there`s a lot of reasons why one is emergency vehicles traveling on the road.'  Cathcart responded, 'We didn`t really think it through, that probably wasn`t the best idea.'

The students said the principal talked to them.  Senior Alex Cyculard said, 'He gave us kind of warning he said if we think about doing anything else there will be serious consequences, people not being able to graduate they said they were going to have cops on campus the rest of the week.'

Despite the warning seniors said they may have more pranks up their sleeves.


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